Chemical Descaling Services

Green Water Services is convinced that chemical descaling is the most effective and efficient methodology for removing built-up industrial scale. This process dissolves hard water scale and emulsifies oils and greases, resulting in the highest levels of performance and customer satisfaction.

Chemically descaling industrial equipment becomes necessary when hard water scale, oil and greases cannot be removed by general cleaning, whilst the process restores metal surfaces and piping to their original condition.

Hard water scale that builds-up on burner tubes and other heat sources decreases heat transfer and fluid flow in piping.This is an undesirable effect in all manufacturing facilities.The application of chemical descaling depends on the conditions and levels of the existing buildup.

Scale build up generally affects heat transfer and fluid flow in piping.

Green Water Services’ chemical descaling products remove scale by rapidly dissolving existing deposits of metallic oxides, carbonates, sulphates, and silicate scale formations. The application of descaling depends on the conditions and levels of existing buildup.

We offer the service and supply of chemicals to carry out descaling of various industrial plant and machinery complying to the HSG 274 guidance.

Please contact us for more information regarding our chemical descaling. We are located in Leeds, Croydon, Swadlincote and Burton-on-Trent, however our services are offered nationwide.

Green Water Services also specialise in Legionella Risk Assessmentswater tank cleaning and cooling tower cleaning, so please give us a call to learn more about these treatments.

Before chemical descaling
After chemical descaling


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